Common Diseases of Dogs

All human being can get sick and our pets are no less. Although the health problems that our faithful friends usually have, they can be very varied. It happens to all of us that when we see our sick dogs, we have a very bad time because sometimes we do not know what is happening to them.

Here are some common diseases of dogs:

Canine Otitis

It is one of the most common diseases in dogs. It is the inflammation of the external auditory canal, caused by various reasons such as allergies, bacteria, an introduction of a foreign body or because our dog scratches excessively.

The symptoms seen in the dog are frequent shaking of the head and scratching of the ears, discharge of cerumen, red ear, a strong smell. In these cases, it is advisable to take it to the veterinarian and determine the causes in order to provide your dog with an adequate treatment.


Distemper is another of the most common diseases and that most concern the owners of pets. This disease is caused by a virus and is spread through the fluids of infected animals.

That is why it is very important that you observe your dog and if you notice that it is delayed, has a fever, does not want to eat or drink, is observed eruptions, it is very important that you go to the vet.

Severe cases of distemper, dogs become convulsed, tics and even paralysis. It is very difficult to cure distemper, that is why prevention is very important in this disease.

You have to vaccinate him when he is between 6 and 8 weeks old. Do not put your pet in contact with other dogs without first giving him the vaccine.

Canine Dermatitis

If your dog scratches often and did not do it before, you have to be alert because you may have a skin problem such as allergies or dermatological problems. Dermatitis can be caused by an internal disorder, by an allergy or by an environmental factor.

It may happen that at certain times of the year, your pet has dandruff in its fur, something that could be normal, but if you notice that it does not disappear, it could be because of dermatitis, so you should go immediately to the veterinarian.


This disease affects more adult dogs than puppies. Cystitis is an inflammation of the bladder caused by bacteria. The most common symptoms are increased urination, blood in the urine and difficulty urinating.

The causes can be very varied such as stones or tumors in the bladder and even an anomaly in the nervous system. In these cases it is very important that you go to the veterinarian, in the meantime, you must make sure that your dog drinks enough water and above all, you have to change the data.

Canine Leishmaniasis

This disease is known as “the silent disease” because it is infected by a mosquito. The most common symptoms usually appear of two types: the one that affects the skin and the one that is visceral.

If it is cutaneous, bald spots will appear on the skin, skin ulcers, overgrowth of the nails or formation of nodules. In the case that affects the viscera, it may be that your dog loses weight suddenly, is despondent, has swollen belly, suffer from diarrhea and even nosebleeds.

This disease is very difficult to cure completely and there is no vaccine either, so it can only be prevented by applying antiparasitic products, preventing your dog from sleeping outside and checking it regularly.

Canine Arthritis

This disease is very common in older dogs. It consists of a disorder of the joints due to the degeneration of the articular cartilage. The symptoms that appear in your dog are constant lameness, difficulty getting up, pain in the bones or difficulty in their movements.

In these cases, you have to consult your veterinarian and recommend specific exercises for these cases. A change in your diet is also very important, with dietary supplements and specific medications for the disease.