Pond Maintenance Tips

Maintaining a pond at your home is not an easy task.
However, if you have a pond at your home, you will feel pleasant and
relaxed. One requires putting in some effort to keep it clean and attractive.

Here are some effective tips to maintain a pond.
Ponds often have water leakage problems. Sometimes even the
quality of water gets affected. To do away with such issues, it is advisable to perform constant water checks. The quality of water is crucial to your fish.

Poor water quality can cause health problems to your fish. Your fish may even become stressed. Ensure good quality
water is by not spraying anything near the pond. Water should also be tested for its ammonia, nitrites, and pH levels. The nitrite level in the dugout
should be zero and the ideal pH level range is 7.0 to 7.8. It is good if you
can regularly check your pond water, at least once in a week.

Maintain optimum temperature

Your fish may or may not survive the cold wintry months. Koi
fish can hibernate under ice deposits on the surface of the water. But to avoid
risks, you should use a water heating system to maintain optimum temperature.

Avoid overfeeding

koi fishDo not overfeed your fish. Overfeeding can change the
quality of water, and this can cause a host of other problems to your fish.
When feeding your fish, evaluate them closely for any disease or injury. Excess
presence of ammonia and nitrates can cause your fish to rot in the pond. In
warm water of 60-85 degrees, you can feed your fish 2-4 times a day as the
metabolism of the fish is high. When the temperature of the water is above 90
degrees, you should stop feeding your fish. Your fish can also feed on the
algae that grow in the pond.  A great way to prevent overfeeding is to get an auto feeder like the Sweeney Feeders Koi Cafe.

Maintain your pond supplies properly

Check your pond supplies properly. These supplies are a
pump, water heating system, ultraviolet sterilizer, a filtration system, etc.
The water pump is used to pump water in and out of the pond; this helps in
maintaining proper air circulation in the dugout. Check if your filtration
system and the protein skimmer are clean. The filtration system in combination
with the protein skimmer helps in keeping water clean and healthy for your
fish. The water heating system also should be properly cleaned as you require
it to maintain optimum temperature in the pond.