Most Loyal Dog Breeds

They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but dogs are really more than the best friend of man. It’s your partner in crime, and you want to appeal to being cheered. Dogs do not care if you have had a good day or a bad day. Dogs do not care what you look like.

Dogs just have an unconditional love for you, no matter what the circumstances.

However, I chose seven most loyal dog breeds that would be perfect for any new or recurring dog owner.

Which dogs are the most loyal?


Most of these lists are run by the Japanese Akita breed, received great publicity after the publication of the picture of the touching fate of a dog named Khatiko. It turns out that earlier these pets were famous for their excellent qualities, reserving the right to protect the emperor.
For the deliberate murder of the Akita in medieval Japan, a rather severe punishment and public censorship were supposed.


In addition, the evaluation of the most faithful dogs in the world pursues the Labrador breed. It is an ideal
candidate as a family dog or companion for a lonely person. Among the Labradors, there are many service dogs, rescuers, and guide dogs.
Such an animal will not offend the baby, it will help and support the owner in a difficult time.

German Shepherd

According to the intelligence, these dogs were always on top of all lists, no wonder they were the most popular breed among police, customs, and lifeguards. During the war, under the bullets, the German shepherds worked as carers, signalmen, scouts, often dying in combat during the execution of the task.
Often, they instinctively feel that the owner (s) are in trouble, rushing them to the rescue.

Border Collie

Scottish Shepherds for beginners, but when they like a certain person, they will keep this feeling forever. The long collie wool requires special care, but if you decide to get a similar dog, you will get a faithful and intelligent friend.

Saint Bernard

St. Bernard raised looks calm and even excessively phlegmatic animals, walking quietly and with dignity around the house. After falling in love with the owner, these animals will not only be menacing guardians, but also good nannies for the children, with pleasure participating in their amusements.


The huge and strong Rottweilers are reactive and vulnerable, needing constant care and affection. Defending the host, they can run without fear towards stronger and more numerous opponents. With a four-legged friend, you can walk safely through the park.


Complete the evaluation of the most loyal dog breeds an excellent breed service with great intelligence and excellent physical data called Doberman. In old wartime paintings, they were often portrayed as nasty and aggressive dogs, which somewhat spoiled their image.

In fact, the educated Doberman is still a dog-personality, an attached and excellent friend, a balanced pet and observer.