Walking Your Dog Guidelines

Dogs are incredible animals capable of learning many orders in order to please us (and get treats). Among the commands that can be learned, we find walking with us, very useful and beneficial if we want to take it loose in some places and not run any danger.

In this article, we are going to offer you some tips so that you know how to teach your dog to walk beside you step by step using positive reinforcement as a basic tool.

canine jumpingRemember that positive reinforcement greatly improves animal perception and their ability to learn. Of course, before you start you should know that the fact that your dog is ahead of you does not mean that it is dominant, it just tries to enjoy the walk relaxed sniffing and discovering new stimuli.

Teaching the order for the dog to walk next to you will be essential to make sure that you do not escape on an outing, but that does not mean that you should take your dog to your side constantly stuck, you should allow him to express himself freely and enjoy as any animal would.

We recommend that you only use positive reinforcement, a technique recommended by professionals that allows you to quickly assimilate what you want to teach our dog. Let’s start off by making some treats for dogs of various snacks if you do not have any at your disposal you can use some chunks of ham.

Now that you have a treat that you like, let’s go down to the street to start with the training. Once the dog has already done his business we will start educating him to walk next to us, we recommend that you look for a quiet and isolated area.

Once they are there you can practice all the new commands that you have been teaching for the last while.  It helps if you have some dog-related hardware when walking them, like a good leash or a muzzle if they are aggressive.  If you need some ideas check out a dog site like this one www.bestdogcrates.net for motivation and ideas. That’s it for today we hope you enjoyed the article, and wish you best of luck on your next dog walk.